Can video games desensitize us to real-world violence?

To date, there are several cross-sectional studies that have demonstrated that media violence is negatively associated with empathy



Are we blindly exposing our youth to copious amounts of blood and gore? 
The ability to feel emotion is not something that can be taught; it must come from within.
Unless it resonates with us, we are becoming numb to the events that are happening around us.  

 The live Facebook stream from the terrorist who gunned down killed and injured copious amounts of people at 2 mosques in Christchurch has done its rounds on all Social Media and WhatsApp.

Whilst the footage is cold, calculated and methodical, many people have admitted that it was as if they were watching a first hand shooting on a video game and feel that they have been desensitized to gore over the years.


Humans have built up tolerance and that in itself is scary.

Technology has certainly surpassed humanity.

Parents have a reason to be afraid. Perhaps we should start with what we CAN control. Violent video games, television , news, they have age restrictions for a reason. We should adhere to them. 


Becoming desensitized, often makes it difficult to know the difference between right and wrong. Our emotions and sensitivity are what make us human, and this is something we should hold on to. 

Ps : Please don’t share the video – it is disturbing and hard to contemplate its reality.



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